Minimalist Mouse For Working

The Minimalism always loves to work with a clean & clear screen for most of the works. So, how to keep working in one app with-out usually checking another app (task and to-do list)?. That's the starting question to build up the BizyMouse.


BizyMouse - the quick-view screen built-in wireless mouse - is designed for the working person, avoiding to open many windows on a desktop screen when we work. Function buttons and a roller is inclined 20 degrees for feeling comfortable when working in long hours every day.


A small touchscreen on BizyMouse's side will continuously wifi-sync with To-do list apps (Google Task, Wunderlist, Any.do .etc). Working on one application each task will be more efficient and focus.


A touchscreen on BizyMouse using e-ink technology for saving battery, anti-glare and also has wide angle view just like paper.


Project Info

Designed by THE NEO

For ADR&Co.